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Hi- I’m Kathy. Welcome to I obsessively think about food. When I talk with friends about dishes I have made my eyes light up and pretty much glaze over. And by the time I am done I have people running home to start cooking themselves. When I see things in the market and I immediately start to think of how I would use them in a dish. I actually talk out loud to myself about food. I am sure if I ever had a chance to view the surveillance videos in the farmers market or local store you would see me walking down the aisles talking to myself about the food. My husband has gotten to know that a trip to the store for me is never quick. I will leave the house with the intention of purchasing a pound of coffee and two hours later -after many conversational passes through the aisles-I show up with the coffee in hand as well as a few other additional ingredients. But most importantly, I have scoped out and made note of ingredients to keep in my pantry for on the fly cooking. That is the only way I can teach myself to cook on the fly, is to know my ingredients and have them at the ready to inspire me. My on the fly cooking style is reminiscent of when I was young and my family would go to Chinatown in Philadelphia or New York. I always focused on the part of the menu wherein you chose 1 item from column A and 2 items from column B, or some other similar combination. My cooking on the fly has a similar style in that I keep the pantry stocked with ingredients that can be combined to create a meal. I have a reputation with my friends and family as being a good cook. And it wasn’t always that way. I am sure there are some people who knew the old me and they are scratching their heads saying “Kathy, really? A good cook?” and they would probably be right. Because the old me put too much thought into what I was making, tediously following recipes, scared to deviate from the listed ingredients, running out to buy some special spice and in general just making the process of cooking a labored one. I didn’t cook much because it took so much out of me! I resorted to a lot of take out because after working a long day I’d come home to the daunting thought of cooking dinner. But over the years I evolved and started to just cook from the hip. And now I have so many people asking me to teach them how to cook that I really see a need to help inspire people.

It was as a result of this that rooted itself in my heart and began blossoming and continues to blossom each day. I have decided to begin the journey with, or  “the spoon” as I have affectionately dubbed it. The ultimate goal is to teach, nurture and inspire the novice cook all the way up to the experienced cook. We all get caught up in living life, yet still having the responsibility of feeding ourselves, our families without letting the task of cooking become a burden. I live life in the same world as most of you do. I work all day outside the home and when I get home I am tired, usually more mentally tired than physically tired. But the needs of the household still go on and one of them is to prepare meals. I have the same urging to drive through the take out window that you do…that quick fix provided by food prepared by someone else. But I am determined to keep training myself to not feel overwhelmed by the thought of cooking at home. I think you will really enjoy relying on The Perfect Pantry to inspire you at mealtime.

So, I am ready if you are! I am inviting all interested people to join me now and follow along with me as I teach, learn, create and progress into the greatest and friendliest cooking resource available. Remember, it is always a pleasure cooking with your best friend!

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