Kathy’s Creations

Kathy’s Creations are dishes made without specific recipes; concoctions with whatever is available; mix ins of small amounts of leftovers that are refusing to be discarded. Some of the best dishes at my house have been labeled as Kathy’s Creation. They can be as simple as taking the leftovers and adding a few extra ingredients and new level of flavors to create an entirely different meal in only a few minutes time. They take thinking out of the box, knowing the food inventory you have on hand, using some favorite seasonings or spices and voila! a Kathy’s Creations comes to life. Usually no two creations are ever the same because they are created on the fly, although when my husband raves to me about a creation I quickly jot down a list of the mix ins and a brief summary of how I put the creation together. Those creations have been worthy to make it to this page.




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